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The English word mission comes from the Latin word for send. In each of the verses to be mentioned there is the concept of being sent. In Matthew 28:19, “…Go Ye”; Acts 1:8, “ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth; and II Corinthians 5:20, “…we are ambassadors” (for someone sent) Jesus not only calls us to come to Him, but He Commissions us to go for Him.

Jesus states this in John 20:21, “Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you” (KJV). This call to missions that Jesus charged the early Christians with is a charge that we of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina are bound by and have been actively engaged in since 1867. We invite you to join, participate in and support all the activities our Convention.

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Since 1867

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General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Headquarters, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Howard W. Parker, Jr.
President Chair Executive Board

Dr. Howard W. Parker Dr. Haywood T. Gray Dr. Nilous M. Avery
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We need your help to continue the work we began in 1867. Please make a tax deductible donation of whatever is within your means, to the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. After your donation is made, an immediate receipt reflecting the amount of your donation will be forwarded to your email.

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Welcome members, visitors and guest to the online home of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina; GBSConline.org. While you are here it is our hope that you take note of our missions activity and support us in it.

The General Baptist State Convention dates its service of promoting “missions” and representing Baptists throughout North Carolina back to 1867, when a small band of free African-Americans, freedmen, ex-slaves and white ministers from the Baptist State Convention met to better promote the work of Evangelism and Kingdom Building. We were called at that time, the General Association of the Colored Baptist of North Carolina and we were formed to support the “Gospel ministry and to promote missions.”

The name of our organization has changed since 1867 but our core reason for being has remained the same; to support  the “Gospel ministry and to promote missions”, this is who we are.

Each month the GBSConline.org website will feature a sermon of a member of the leadership of the GBSC. These featured sermon videos will speak to the faith teachings of the Bible and the spirit of the Mission of Jesus, that serves as the foundation of the Missions activity of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

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Rev. Dr. Cornelius Battle, Pastor of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Durham NC and Rev. Charles E. Walton, Pastor of Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Littleton NC, sign their church up for the new Cooperating Congregations Online Church Directory (CCD) at the recent 146th Session of the GBSC held in Greensboro NC. Register your church now!

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at the GBSC Mid Year 2014 Session
 Dr. David L. Bracken,
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Supreme Court Justice of NC, Cheri Beasley, GBSC Vice President at Large, Chair, General Board, Rev. Dr. Nilous M. Avery II, and Congress Auxiliary President, Dr. Frank J. Byrd, speak to the importance of the State Congress of Christian Education sponsored Oratorical Contest. The 2014 Oratorical Contest was held from June 23 to 25th at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Salisbury NC, where Rev. Dr. Nilous Avery is the Pastor.

The Importance of the Oratorical Contest

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The Reverend Dr. Howard William Parker, Jr. is President of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc. The Convention represents more than a half million Missionary Baptists in nearly 1,700 congregations across North Carolina. Founded in 1867, the Convention is one of the oldest Baptist Conventions in the nation and the largest African-American organization in North Carolina. Read more…

DR. J. VINCENT TERRY, JR., Third Vice President

Chair, Higher Christian Education Dept. preaches on the topic,


Dr. Nilous M. Avery, II, the newly elected President of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.